Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Its done! More thoughts that I feel couldn't fit in properly to the main piece

Yes it is finally done. The main piece which is published on Medium.

Here I just want to say a few more things.

Honestly I don't hate Tokyo Dark that much but I needed to get it out of my system. Also I have nothing against the Developers of the game. I always believe that being a game dev is much harder than me writing an article about why something isn't good. (maybe I can learn how to actually make a game someday)

I remember doing a short poll about giving Tokyo Dark more leniency as it is a Kickstarter game but people seem to want me to be more fair regardless of how it was developed.

Several points during the game I was talking to the screen saying "Please give me a god d*mn reason to care about the characters". Obviously that never happened.

One point I didn't talk about in the main piece was how much the game wants you to take the whole scenario seriously. It was especially jarring when the god characters try to convince you that you need to be the mask bearer then have them at the end of the game asking if you did the right thing. So which is it honestly? Again subtly is all lost from there.

I didn't get all the endings. I got 2 endings and the second play through got me the true ending. I watched the other endings on YouTube I just balked at how much more it wants you take it seriously.

This is really the first time I run into a Visual Novel with bad writing and it really drive home the sin of bad writing since a Visual Novel is still a "novel" after all.

I wanted to try for a long time and now I finally did. Medium's online editor is a bit lacking in editor functions. I mean like blogger has more tools I can use. Blogger even has a spellcheck tool built in. I guess the only upside is medium has a place where you can make money from your articles. Oh well,  sell congratulatory with the fact I finally completed this article and gotten Tokyo Dark out of my system.

Now onto the next thing!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tokyo Dark?

I am sorta working on writing my thoughts for Tokyo Dark. It is a Point and Click meet visual novel game according to what the developer says.

The reason the game prompt me to want to write about it is how the game is somewhat not held together properly. I do not mean in the sense the game is broken and does not work. More in the vein of parts of the game do not seem to go together properly.

Like I play JRPGs and they are often not great in like story. For Tokyo Dark, which is (sigh) and Point and click meet visual novel game, I expected more. It seems as I get older it becomes more apparent when story bits do not join well.

Anyways I also want to make clear certain things before I publish the piece once I am done.

One, I am not exactly the most avid Visual novel, Point and click adventure games kind of person. There are a few titles I played which I least understand how they should work. So holding me to be the veteran standard of review the game is not going to work.

Second, this is not a review per say. Well least from what I think it is. I did not get all the endings myself I just went online and watch some of them. Dear god some of them are really.....

Lastly I am not sure if I want to include video footage of the game I mean you can get footage online already. So likely it is a written piece. I am not a yotuber etc so I probably will skip on video footage. Oh and do not watch the trailer if you are even remotely interested in the game. My thoughts will spoil the game as well but I will put a non-spoiler portion part at the top if you are really interested.

If you want a TLDR of the thing without reading immediately about buying it, I will only recommend it if you have no more point and click / visual novel games to play which I think is kind of impossible now considering there are tons out there on steam now. Good ones even.

If not, do not go into this game.

Monday, June 19, 2017

My very first political post

First I like to do some explanation about this page or blog. I blog purely on the basis if something is of interest to me or something that is worthwhile sharing. I don't exactly like the idea of just sharing all about my trips and photos etc. This creates a highlight reel of my life which distorts people's view of my life. I mention before I hardly head out and I am pretty content sitting at home and watching some videos online.

Second, I do not like to talk about political stuff online or in blogs. I prefer doing those in person. The biggest reason for that preference is in written media, tone is lost. It is very difficult to translate tone into written media which is why movies or video games are better at translating that tone to something that can be easily perceived.

Lastly, this topic I will be talking about is short and more of what I see of this issue than what the issue itself is about.

The Famlee Saga

So there is a house and 2 sides. Before even people start actually reading what the whole thing is about, there is already a stance that people must take sides.

Those for me is not the most important crux. I see some strange things being done on both sides. Neither side is truly free of fault. Again I am not going to point out what as I am sure if you somehow found my blog. you already figured out  all the strange things.

The biggest thing for me is people saying "this is a family affair, do not air your laundry out here. It is bad for Singapore". I would actually say talking about this in public is the right thing to do. Singapore can start stepping up and dealing with questionable things done. Not hush hush because the government cannot stand the scrutiny.

This is a good time for people to start paying attention. (When I say people here, I meant Singaporeans) It is a good time to really see if our government is able to stand the scrutiny from this issue. Is Singapore as transparent and open about issues that involve our Leaders.

I do not think it is good for Singapore if we keep avoiding topics and keep doing things at the back and hoping no one paid attention to the mistake made. Worse just admit making a mistake and not even looking what we can learn from it.

No country, leader or system is perfect. We change, adapt and improve as we go along. If truly this breaks our government/system, then we really need to look hard at how the whole thing failed. The failure make it obivous that the system we have is obivously not working as intended.

If we do not look to change, improve and adapt, we can expect one thing that will certainty happen in the future. We can expect Singapore no longer exist and people taking lesson from the failure of Singapore and Singaporeans not willing looking to look at issues. Like a frog in a pot of water and the water in the pot slowly heated to boiling hot.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Small things

I have a lot of small things or topics in my mind. I thought I just put them all together since twitter is too short for them and they are too short for 1 full blog piece themselves.

1. Finished rewatching the whole mythbuster series. I finally remembered what it is like to watch good TV.

2. Netflix is tempting because Casltevania anime is coming out but I prefer binge watching a series.

3. Went to Tsuta ramen (which technically is Soba). It is good for its own merits. It feels like eating some local fishball noodles with good soup. Though as Ramen I prefer something which is heavier in taste.

4. Walking in Japan almost killed my knees, ankles and sole of feet for my last trip. I really wonder how long I can do this. Also went to Bit summit. That was fun.

5. In terms of playing videos games, I went back to playing games mostly from JP developers. I don't really enjoy a lot of western triple A develop games. I still enjoy playing western indie games.

6. Hitting 37 this year. I am almost always the oldest person in a new group.

7. Also I am notice my memories are slipping. I really need to excerise my mental facility. There might be a need to go back to playing fighting games. Funny that has became a need rather than something of leisure.

8. To be honest I have given myself some thoughts about moving to Japan but I do not have a Bachelor Degree so I do not how that is going to work. Not to mention I don't speak Japanese and I am nearly 40.

9. I notice I am perfectly content staying home all day. This is probably why my social life is failing.

10. I'm also the last few people in groups to still be single. Can't say I am not bothered by it though I am more happy to be by myself. I like the space.

11. Not many people will know that my music collection is 95% Video game OST. Also I did not attend any of the video game concerts this year. Yes I skipped Distance worlds and the upcoming Zelda one. I mean I got a happy and signature from Nobuo Uematsu (, I am pretty satisfied with it.

12. I have some thoughts of developing games but I am so undisciplined I don't think anything will come out of it.

13. The current state of the world isn't in a good place. Some people lack purpose. Some people's purpose is centered around greed. I believe hunmanity will eventually come around. Humanity is not as weak and feeble as most people think.

14. Did I mention Lunar New Year gatherings is starting to really grate on me?

15. I don't usually talk about my work life but there will be a lot happening for me at work. I worry I might stress myself work. Also get sick from over working.

This is getting long and I still have stuff but I will leave it to next time.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The anime cosplay game scene thing?

So I saw this post and I thought I just write something about it.

I consider myself an outsider in the scenes of this scene as I am more centered around games. Yes I do watch anime but on a less regular basis. I read a lot more manga as it's easier to do so.

In regards to the scene, a lot of people cite the earlier times in the scene is more homely. I see it more because the scene is really small. You are talking about less than 30 people getting together. So know everyone's faces, their quirks and what bugs them the most.

Once the scene grew bigger, that is no longer possible. Though to me I always preferred smaller scenes as I know the people personally.

For a outsider, I see the scene is generally doing fine. Bad eggs are more in numbers just by pure ratio. I am going to be real and say that even back then we also had bad eggs just the number is like 2-3.

As for history, I am a nobody. There isn't much to talk about. I wore a costume a few times and that's it. I don't really considered myself to be pioneers or anything. I like to think that I just happen to be there when things started.

P. S. Me in costumes? Yeah the photos are somewhere online. If you can even find them.

Monday, October 3, 2016

The reasons I buy VIP tickets for the local event Game Start

After coming back from Tokyo Game Show 2016, I got online and got VIP tickets for local event Game Start. URL here for people wondering.

It was my second trip to Tokyo Game Show and I bought 2 days of TGS supporter tickets (About 7000yen for each day). I am sure some folks will wonder why do I even bother with a small local event. It has way less games featured. You don't get some of the more exclusive stuff like getting to play Final Fantasy XV.

Here's the thing, I love going to Japan. I love how big and awesome some of the things in Tokyo Game Show are. It still doesn't change the fact you will never be able to play more than 8 games per day without standing in line for hours. Did I mention you get only a maximum of 15 minutes per play?

The thing about going to Tokyo Game Show is that as much as it is awesome, the logistics and me flying to Japan can get expensive fast. Secondly you need to do a lot of advance planning like even getting online early to make sure you get the supporter tickets. Travel insurance, planning your leave at work, your flights, hotels. Oh and knowing how to navigate to the location. (This is not a problem for me because I been to Japan a number of times and know some really basic level of Japanese).

Also the queuing. Good lord the queuing. Want to buy a merchandise? Please queue. Want to play a game demo? Please queue. Want to enter the location early? Please queue as well.

Average queue time for games is about an hour. That is average. I had experienced queuing nearly 2 hours to buy merchandise.

Considering I went for both days of Tokyo Game Show. My knees and ankles were hurting so much I was walking slightly bow-legged and limping when I left the event hall. 7 hours of standing per day. (Show runs from 10.00AM to 5.00PM)

Because Tokyo Game Show happens way outside of Tokyo city (it is closer to Chiba then Tokyo) you going to need time to get in and out of the place (with tons of people). Also you hardly have time to eat, so I pretty much packed sandwiches and Onigiris for lunch etc.

This trip I only got to play about 6 games in total. Its quite disappointing not to get to play more games for me really.

Oh and I almost forgot, stage shows. Which I can't see well from the crowd and often miss because a lot of them have timings where they clash with 1 and another.

Tokyo Game show aside, Game Start for once I don't need to plan so much to visit it. Its S$70 bucks for all 3 days. I got VIP which I can get in early (though I can't this time cause of work reasons). I get to actually play games and almost all of them. The stage shows are usually held at one center stage.

Lastly at the end of the event, I can just take a cab home whisk myself home quickly in my own bed. I be ready for the next day if I am up for it.

Looking forward to Game Start this weekend.
Gallery of photos I took for the trip. It has assorted ones so it won't be that interesting?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Git Gud - It apparently got on people's nerves

Yes I am pointing to this particular article from Rock Paper Shotgun. Link Here (

For the TLDR verison.

It is totally fine for you to be bad and still enjoy the game. Though people here are questioning if you are familiar enough with a game/genre to be reviewing the game because you know its your f**king job as a reviewer. Also no one really gives 2 f**ks about if you enjoy playing a game or not. Neither do people care if you need to tell the world about it. I don't think you should care about people thinking if you are bad either.

ok now with those people in hurry out of the way.

I like to point out some things I have some issues in the article.

John talks about people being hostile for the video of the person showing footage of the DOOM play. First I will say that I agree that the comments are at times really hostile. At the same time looking at the more sensible comments. They almost all noted that this level of play is kind of bad for someone who is reviewing a game.

The main reason for that comment is that people want someone who is familiar with a genre/game to be reviewing a game. You most certainty expected a car reviewer to least be able to tell the difference between a auto-gearing car over a manual gear shifting car right?

Defending his play as enjoying the game makes even less sense as the reason the footage was uploaded is to showcase the game. You again don't expect a car review to go "Well that was a great joy ride and....what did I need to do again? Oh right review the car."

The whole point of the footage is to help people see and understand how the game is like. Putting out poor footage does not help the player who wants to know the game. It does not help the company making the game and ultimately it does help the image of the web publishing company.

It simple amazes me that the editor allowed this kind of footage up. The video footage is not a live stream capture of a first look either.

Next, he stated that even though some people take longer to clear a game. They can still give expert opinions on the game. That I cannot agree. If that statement is true, as long as I can build a table even though the table can barely stand I would be able to give an expert opinion of the craft of making a table.

Seriously though the only kind of opinion I can give at that point is really just a beginner's opinion of building a table not an expert one.

A job of a reviewer is as the name says, review things. We do hold some expectations of a reviewer as someone who is least above average in the knowledge of the thing or subject. Not another regular Joe who merely fiddles in the thing as a hobby. It is a paid professional after all.

You cannot pretend to be a professional and pretend to be a hobbyist at the same time. Paypal does this. You want to be like Paypal who at times pretends to be a bank and at times pretends not to be bank?

I agree with you it is wrong to shame people who not being good at playing games. The issue here is you are not playing games on a personal capacity. You are playing games as a paid writer/reviewer. You are required to least give an opinion of someone who knows more than the average Joe in that particular subject.

If you cannot even manage that, please consider another working in another profession.

P.S. Telling people to Git lost in the article is definitely not helping with the whole image for you as a professional writer.

I have some opinons about the need to Git Gud and the whole idea of games needing to be fun. Most of them are already talked about by Kayin. So I point you to his article.
Link here (